The DOG Show – 2016
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Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI)
Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology (BRFC)
Kennel club of Parvomai

Dog show for all breeds of dogs under the auspices of
Mayor of Parvomai Municipality!

Galina Todorova / Bulgaria / – FCI groups X, II and IV
Vihra Grigorova / Bulgaria / – FCI groups III, VII and VI (All without dalmatian)
Georgi Christozov / Bulgaria / – FCI groups XI
Nenad Devic / Serbia / – FCI groups VI (dalmatian + BOG VI group) and VIII
Milivoje Uroshevich / Serbia / – FCI groups I, V and IX

GPS: 42.0984437N 25.224220315E

The exhibition is promotional for Balkan countries – donations are received as follows:
First dog – 10 EUR
Each additional dog – 7.5EUR
Classes – baby, junior and veteran – 5 EUR
For all other countries:
First dog – 20 EUR
Each additional dog – 15 EUR
Classes – baby, junior and veteran – 10 EUR
The exhibition is promotional for the Dalmatian breed, members of the KDP and dogs registered in Parvomai municipality / certified with paid fee for 2016 / the donation received is 10 leva!
In the day of the event the fees will be as follows: (*All contestants who made donations to the bank account of the KDP are exempt from this fee!)
For Balkan countries:
First dog – 12 EUR
Each additional dog – 9 EUR
Classes – baby, junior and veteran – 6 EUR
For all other countries:
First dog – 24 EUR
Each additional dog – 18 EUR
Classes – baby, junior and veteran – 12 EUR
The fees will be collected by a representative of the Municipal Markets of Parvomay Municipality.
In order to promote proper care of a pet dog, there will be a special ring for a specialist’s description on dogs without pedigrees.
Request description:
The received donations will be used for the development of children’s Kennel club Parvomay.
Kennel club „Parvomai“
UIC 176944754
Bank account:
DSK Bank, Parvomai
Electronic Application:
Blanc request – fill in and send to:
Phone: +359899866577 – Penyo Zapryanov
Organizers: Kennel club „Parvomai“ and Parvomay Municipality
We want to inform all those who will not be able to attend our two dog shows – May 7th – Specialty for Dalmatians and May 8th – CAC Parvomai: thanks to our media partner Parvomai.NET, through its TV „E-TV“ it will broadcast our events online through our well positioned IP cameras and direct reportages from the TV teams from the opening and the central ring! I am excited that for the first time in Bulgaria a dog show will be broadcast directly from a TV team!!!!!!!
On the Image I have pointed out where to watch on the day of the exhibition and will of course send you links on the day of broadcast!!!
It further obliges us!!!!!!